The group ‘Planters for Social Change’ came out of a Social Policy class at the University of the West Indies in 2006. The group was born out of a need to address the issues of high food prices and the problem of the artificial nature of our ‘modern’ society. The group’s founder, Patricia Jaggesar-Clement championed the idea that a proactive response to social issues such as hunger and poverty would be to encourage persons to produce some of their own food at home.

UWI Planters For Social Change Association comprises mainly students and staff from various faculties on the St.Augustine campus, as well as members of the UWI Credit Union. However, the group is open to persons of the public wishing to learn about, or share their experiences pertaining to home gardening.
The main objectives of UWI Planters for Social Change are outlined below:

(a) To become the go – to people at the University and region with respect to home gardening.
(b) To promote home gardening through the disseminating of information through various media.
(c) To practically assist persons to establish their own home gardens.
(d) To provide a forum for the dissemination of information on home gardening .
(e) To encourage greater food self sufficiency at the household level by producing our own food and inspiring communities to follow.
(f) To provide a forum for the dissemination of information to home gardeners through the University’s regional network.
(g) To make strategic linkages with the agri-food community and those who share the aims of the group for the purpose of increasing material and access to information to households.
(h) To make strategic linkages with other institutions inc luding learning institutions, governments, NGOs and the private sector to promote home use food production .
(i) To inspire for collective action in home gardening.
(j) To encourage safe agricultural practices at the household level especially in urban areas.
(k) To encourage, and practically assist in the development of community food parks and shared growing spaces.


Some activities UWI Planters For Social Change Association is involved in include
(but are not limited to):

Seedling Days
Gardening Workshops
Planting Socials
World Food Day Activities
Rio Claro Walk Against Hunger
Development of Food Parks
Maintenance of Existing Food Parks

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