Several Clubs and Asociations at the University of the West Indies have already announced their intentions of assissting victims of this week’s severe flooding.

The UWI Law Society and The Management Society of UWI have both set up collection boxes at their respective offices while The Behavioral Sciences Student Association of UWI has announced that a general donation box has been placed at the Guild Office.

Trinidad and Tobago Organization of Pharmacy Students has arranged a donation box so that students at the Faculty of Medical Sciences can be part of their charity drive.

This article is being updated over the course of the weekend

In light of the tragic flooding happening throughout the country, the Law Society is launching a collection drive in order to help out as many people as we can. If you have any of the items listed above, please drop them off at the specified location from Monday so we can begin the process of dissemination and aid.
Thank you for your help in advance.

Many of our citizens and our colleagues have been affected by the inclement weather, which may continue over the weekend. As such, the Management Society is having a Flood Relief Drive to aid those who were affected. Please, we are asking if everyone can bring at least 2-3 items to help those affected by floods.

In light of the extreme flooding across the country, the Guild of Students are here to provide support and relief to the student population. Currently, there is a collection box in the Guild office for anyone to drop off can food items or clothing. The office of the Vice President will be open today until 4pm to assist any student in need. Feel free to contact them for any assistance needed.

Due to the recent flooding that has occured throughout Trinidad, TTOPS has decided to have a charity drive where interested persons can donate any canned foods or non perishable food items to a designated box within The School of Pharmacy. These items will be given out to persons affected by this recent disaster. Any donations are welcome and appreciated.