IVCF Annual Production: Note to Self – Start over

On the evening of Thursday 19th April 2018, hundreds of eager humans gathered at UWI’s DAAGA Auditorium to witness yet another spectacular theatrical production put on by the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) UWI Chapter. This year’s theme was a musical entitled “Note to Self – Start over”. I was invited to photograph the event, and so I was able to witness how skillfully and coherently the whole thing played out! Personally, I thought it was very well put together, and there must have been a whole lot of talent involved! Props to all who contributed to the production, it’s too many to list! Here are a few snippets of what some of the hardworking members of the IVCF had to say about the production and their experience working on it:

“This year, IVCF put on a production unlike anything they’ve done before; “Note to Self: Start Over” was a modern musical production about the guilt and shame that we tend to carry through life, and the chance that Jesus gives us to be forgiven and start afresh when we turn to Him. It follows the main character, Jay, who blames himself for his mother’s death, but hides his pain from everyone around him under a smiling face and academic success. As the play unfolds, his inner struggles come to light, and he learns that no one, including himself, is ever too far from saving.

Entirely written, produced and staged by current and past students of UWI, who have themselves been touched through IVCF, this presentation meant more than putting on a show for an audience; for all of them it was ministry, and it was privilege to be involved in sharing the message of love that Jesus brings to the world, and that they have experienced in their own lives.” – Leah Elliot and Davion Rooplal


“IVCF Production “Note to self: Start over” provided a means of fellowship and ministry. Fellowship because the production provided an avenue to assemble with my IVCF brothers and sisters who I always look forward to working with. Ministry because we assembled with the aim of touching hearts and lives of fellow UWI students on campus with this production. It was an great experience because both fellowship and ministry were accomplished.” – Simeon Moore


“It was very important to me. It was a very personal experience and the theme felt very real to myself and the audience alike. Also, playing the role of Jesus added a greater perspective and element to the theme of Starting over.” – Joshua Constantine


“To me, it was all about family, fellowship, and worshiping God in one accord. It’s kinda like taking a break from the normal days in school, and giving your all to the Lord Jesus.” – Kirmichael Mitchell

Here is a photogenic sneak-peak of the production:

Photography was done by Inspired Lenses Photography. For the full album of photos, CLICK HERE!

Thanks, as well, to Hannah Wellington and Merisa Roberts for contributing to this article.

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