Have you ever stood in the line at KFC staring at the menu and trying to figure out how to get exactly what you want at the best possible price?

Former UWI Computing Society Executive Members Nicholas Mendez and Anderson Singh realized that Trinis love KFC, but they also love to save money so they developed a solution that uses dynamic programming to find the guaranteed minimum price given the number of chicken pieces, sides, sandwiches, popcorn chicken, and drinks a person would like to purchase. The result; Menumizer.

Essentially, this is a food hack that helps you save money every time you buy KFC.

Singh recalls a friend who would typically purchase three sides and a drink at KFC to have as a snack. A side order at KFC costs $10.00 and a drink costs $8.00 resulting in a total of $38.00.

Using Menumizer and selecting three sides and drink shows that his friend could have instead bought a “Supa Deal” for $25.00 and an additonal side order for $10.00 and actually save three dollars while also ending up with an extra piece of chicken!

Check out Menumizer and like their Facebook Page to stay tuned to updates! Additional fast food restaurants in Trinidad and Tobago are on the way!