UWI Tourism Society’s visit to Cuba!

Last week the Tourism Students embarked on their 4 day trip to Cuba. These pictures show the city of Old Havana where beautiful colonial buildings tower every corner and ubiquitous music surrounds the area, sometimes accompanied by local dancers. One can travel using the vintage American cars that have been roaring through the streets since the 1950s or take a relaxing ride on a carriage throughout the city. After a hectic day, the students enjoyed themselves shopping at an authentic Cuban Craft Market. Away from the city area, our students spent a day relaxing at La Playa Larga and those who were able to swim snorkeled under the sparkling blue water. After a long day on the beach the students were served local meals; seafood soup lobster rice and beans chicken and crocodile! A brief visit was then made to the Crocodile Farm. During the night the City of Havana was explored and the students enjoyed themselves at three main restaurants: La Esencia, La Casa and Perla Negra where Captain Jack Sparrow greeted them! The experience was even greater with the welcoming and homely service of the hosts at Hostal Libertad 58, the disconnection from the information overload of the internet and the fluent Spanish the students were forced to speak. It was definitely a visit to remember! 

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