Saint Lucia Distillers is in the process of getting the label approved for a limited edition Chairman’s Reserve Rum.
This release is being labeled as “Chairman’s Reserve Single Batch Master’s Selection” and it seems to be the first in a new “Master’s Selection” series of rums.

The rear label states; “Released in Limited Quantities, The Chairman’s Reserve Master’s Selection Series are Unique Rums De-Constructed from the award winning “original: blend Chairman’s Reserve is known for. This is a Traditional Saint Lucian Single Batch Rum from the small John Dore Pot Still installed at Saint Lucia Distillers in 1998. The rum has aged six years in a single charred Bourbon Cask and has been bottled at Cask Strength.”

Limited Edition Single Batch, Cask Strength Rum from Chairman's Reserve

The particular Master behind the first in this series is Martin Cate, a noted expert is rum, exotic cocktails and tiki culture.

Chairman’s Reserve Single Batch is the second premium Chairman’s Reserve Rum expected to be seen on shelves this year; the earlier announced “Chairman’s Reserve 1931” is another upcoming release.

It’s expected to be a blend of traditional rum and agricole rum aged in a combination of Bourbon barrels and Port Casks.

Rum releases coming out of Saint Lucia are not the only news keeping the rum community excited. Releases from Barbadian Distilleries like Saint Nicholas Abbey and the Foursquare Distillery have been announced in early 2018. Foursquare Premise, Foursquare Destino, and Foursquare Principia will be in the United States shortly, and Saint Nicholas Abbey 20 Year Old will be on shelves by October 2018.