In many ways, Saint Lucia is the perfect Caribbean destination.

White sand beaches, lush rainforest and cuisine crafted around fresh, local ingredients; it’s no wonder that the island gets almost 200,000 visitors every year.

Relaxation comes naturally in Saint Lucia, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of lounging on the luxurious confines of a world class resort like Ladera Resort, or Ti Kaye Resort and Spa.

The key to really experiencing Saint Lucia and seeing more than the typical tourist is to traverse the entire island and plan ahead of time. Three days in Saint Lucia is enough time to truly experience the unique charms of this island paradise.



The Pitons are the most iconic landmark on the island, and climbing to the top of one of these volcanic mountains is at the top of everyone’s Saint Lucia bucket list.

Real Saint Lucia Tours offers many packages for adventure on the island, and taking visitors on this hike is one of their most popular tours.

World Heritage Site Pitons Management Area, Saint Lucia, Caribbean

This grueling climb involves ascending an almost vertical rock face and then trekking through sweltering tropical jungle. The reward for getting to the peak of Gros Piton is a magnificent view; the Caribbean Sea shimmers before you in her dark blue majesty, and on a clear day you can even see nearby Caribbean islands like Martinique and Saint Vincent.

After the hike, it’s time for an ice cold Piton Beer from the well-stocked cooler that Real Saint Lucia Tours keeps in the van and then on to the next stop;

Piton Beer with a View in Saint Lucia

The Drive-In-Volcano is an enormous collapsed volcano popular with visitors because of the therapeutic effects of the warm, mineral-rich mud and its ability to treat several skin ailments.

After working up a sweat from the long hike and then having a much-needed dip in the warm mud of this natural spa, the next step is to cool down with a swim at the nearby Toraille Waterfall.

toraille waterfall saint lucia bucket list

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Chairman's Reserve Rum Saint Lucia

Our island tour of Saint Lucia was sponsored by Real Saint Lucia Tours, a locally owned company that provides world-class experiences for celebrities, CEOS, VIPS, and other adventure travelers.

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