Last year, the Marketing Team at Concrete Beach Brewery invited me to visit their brewery and taproom to sample some of their beer and take a few pictures for Instagram.

They’re based in Wynwood, a Miami neighborhood known for craft beer and street art and I tried to focus my photography on the street art plastered everywhere, or craft beer made made nearby.

The only exception was a picture of a doughnut from a place called “The Salty Donut”; a place that takes pride in turning this simple street snack into a plated dessert.

I had arrived in Wynwood about an hour before most of the breweries actually opened. While walking around and doing some street photography, I decided to stop off here for a quick bite.

The Salty Donut Wynwood, Miami

Someone in the line suggested the Maple Bacon Donut that uses pure maple glaze, J.Wakefield UJP Porter redux, & Miami Smokers ‘bacon cracklings’.

Another item that seemed popular was the Nutella Donut topped that’s with a cocoa glaze and chopped hazelnuts.

These doughnuts both sounded amazing, but I find that both chocolate and bacon are often used to make mediocre food better, and the secondary ingredients don’t get a chance to shine.

I wanted to really taste their 24 hour brioche dough, and some of the seasonal fruit used in their rotating weekly menu. The plan was to have two of them, but it turned out that one doughnut was more than enough for me.

I had to forgo the Guava and Cheese Doughnut, that was stuffed with both of those ingredients and topped with a cream cheese glaze and galetta maria crumble.

My doughnut was the Honey and Fig, described on their website as “24 hour raised brioche ring donut lightly filled with a homemade fig jam, salted honey glaze, topped with bruleed figs & almond streusel.”

I was absolutely surprised that the fig filling ran through almost the entire donut, meaning that every single bite was filled with caramelized fig goodness!

Best Donuts in Miami, The Salty Donut

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