Three Ways to Aid Dominica Right Now

Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said his country has been “devastated” by Maria; the majority of the houses on the island have sustained serious damage and many villages are still cut off from the outside world.

Now is the time to help and here are three ways that you could assist Dominica in their time of crisis.

1) Donate to the Dominica Hurricane Maria Relief online

The Dominica American Relief & Development Association Inc (DARDA) was established in 1979 as a way for Dominicans living in New York to help raise funds and provide aid to their homeland as the island attempted to recover and rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane David. They did similar work in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Erika in 2015, and their Go Fund Me Campaign allows people anywhere in the world to support their efforts.

2) Send items to Saint Finbar’s Church

There is a twenty foot container at Saint Finbar’s Roman Catholic Church in Diego Martin. Until Tuesday 26th, September they will be accepting canned foods, baby forumula, diapers, first aid kits, cleaining equipment and building tools.

The container will be sent to affiliate Churches in Dominica for distribution. Get more information on these efforts here.

3) Join the Dominica Association Of Students In Trinidad and Tobago’s Relief Efforts

DOMSATT is doing their part to ensure that their homeland gets the aid that they need to begin rebuilding.

They are collecting clothes, water and canned foods to send back home and they will also be holding a fund-raising raffle to raise funds.

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