Hiking Schedule – September to December 2017

university of the west indies hiking schedule

Rio Seco Waterfall – 3rd September

Rio Seco Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island, and the hike to get there is sufficiently challenging and scenic.

The deep, wide plunge pool at the Rio Seco waterfall stands in contrast to the much smaller ones usually found at most of Trinidad’s waterfalls. This natural pool is actually ideal for swimming, rafting, and even snorkelling in the clear, emerald-green water.
For those seeking adventure, there’s a popular jumping spot at the summit of the waterfall and the rocky ledges form a natural ladder so it’s easy to get there.

These are just some of the reasons that Rio Seco Falls is among the top three waterfall hikes in Trinidad.

rio seco waterfall trinidad

The Brasso Seco Experience – 17th September

Along a short stretch on the Brasso Seco River are a series of unique waterfalls; at one waterfall is a small pool for swimming and at another there’s a rock bench behind the falling curtain of water.

This hike coincides with the Annual Indigenous Cook Fest & Cultural Showcase at the Brasso Seco Visitor Facility so prepare to enjoy some pumpkin ice cream, hot cocoa, smoked meat and other local culinary delights.

pastelle and cocoa tea - indigenous trinidad cuisine

Rampanalgas Falls – 1st October

Rampanalgas Falls is the ideal beginners hike. It’s easy, and the location is beautiful!

There are actually two waterfalls; The first is a gentle cascade into a shallow wading pool, and the other is a more powerful torrent into a much deeper pool.

There are also a series of jumping points for the more adventurous!

rampanalgas waterfall in trinidad

North Oropouche River – 15th October

The Oropouche River flows along a bed of limestone rock through the pristine forest of North Eastern Trinidad. The hike is relatively easy and there are small rapids and waterfalls to explore, but you will get wet!

hiking in north eastern trinidad

Down the Islands – 29th October

“Down the Islands” are how many Trinbagonians refer to the archipelago that extends Westward between Chaguaramas and the Venezuelan mainland.

The islands include Monos, Chacachacare, Monos, Huevos, and Gaspar Grande.

The diversity of things to do down the islands is much more than what most people expect;

On Chacachacare alone, there’s the ruins of Trinidad’s only leper hospital, a small Hindu Temple that’s still active, and the Chacachacare Salt Lake.

A Down the Islands day trip is not enough but it’s a start!

Rafting, boating and snorkeling down the islands Trinidad

Matura Magic – 12th November

Matura is home to a wealth of tourist attractions including beautiful beaches, waterfalls and unique fauna. Stay tuned to see what amazing destinations will be visited on this hike.

matura trinidad

Lopinot Parang Lime & Paramin Parang Lime – TBA

Parang is a popular folk music originating from Trinidad and Tobago, that was brought to Trinidad by Venezuelan migrants who were primarily of Amerindian, Spanish, and African heritage.

The heritage of these migrants is strongly reflected in the music. The Lopinot community is well-known for traditional parang, and there’s no better way to kick of Christmas in Trinidad than with a Lopinot Parang Lime.

Stay tuned because the dates of these hikes are subject to change. Contact the UWI Health Fitness and Adventure Society for more information about any of these hikes.

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