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You may know her as the ‘bead girl’ or recognise her face from her pop-up shops around campus, but there are quite a few things you can learn about Meagan and her craft. For one, she is a full time student doing an undergraduate degree in chemistry with a minor in analytical chemistry at the St Augustine campus but she is also a full time entrepreneur.

Meagan’s history made her the perfect person to debut a new series of posts, titled Studentrepreneurs, brought to you by Things TT, geared at highlighting some of the amazing student-entrepreneurs (studentrepreneurs) coming out of the University of the West Indies. 
What does “being creative” mean to you?
To me, being creative means that you can express your ideas in your own unique way. Whether it be music, dance, art, clothing, beading, eating and so on.
At what age did you discover your fondness for Jewelry making and design?
I started really liking fashion jewellery at age 12 and began intrigued in jewellery making at age 14.
Can you describe the time when you first realised that creating was something you absolutely had to do?
I didn’t realized this until after lower six. I took a break from it for years until I learned more tricks, got another awesome supplier (craft e z) and started back the trade. It’s been a stress-relieving task since.
Do you have any unusual rituals when creating?
When I’m out selling, no, but if I’m home, I’m not comfortable creating at a table. I prefer my top bunk (I sleep at the bottom) while listening to some music. Reason for the top bunk is that all my one direction posters are there, and seeing the boys motivate me a lot.
What’s been your proudest moment as a business woman?
My proudest moment will always be the time when my parents told me how proud they were of me, just by the fact that I can financially support myself on my own cause of my business.
What’s your personal mantra?
“Live your dream.“ It’s self-explanatory.
How has your field of study impacted your business?
Well… I learn about minerals and alloys used in creating jewellery pieces, as well as corrosion prevention techniques. Just need to implement them now.
Which materials do you love working with?
I have an OBSESSION with semiprecious stones and charms! I have like over 50 different types of charms right now. They’re simple but once you design then well, they tell a story.
What’s been your most intricate or favourite piece?
I have many but the below photos [body chain (top) necklace (bottom)] will have to be at the top of my list!
What are your personal aspirations? 
One day, once I saved enough money, I’d like to buy my mother her dream house. I also want to travel to several countries and meet Harry Styles.
What are your business goals?
I really want to see how far I can go with my business. I’m hoping to open a store after I graduate, maybe in UWI. 
If you enjoyed Meagan’s interview look out for others featured on UWI Clubs. You can also find Meagan’s work at the upcoming Things TT market on May 20th at the UWI JFK Auditorium. 
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