UWI Endures Fusion Lite III

It might have been April Fool’s Day, but the challenge presented by Fusion Lite III was no joke! After weeks of preparation for the long and arduous race, the UWI Endurance Team celebrated the victory of overcoming such a physically and mentally demanding event.

The Endurance Team at Fusion Lite III Photo by https://www.facebook.com/FUSION-Adventure-Races-82820544550/

Fusion Lite III 2017, was the 3rd annual installment of Port Authority’s Adventure Racing Competition. The “Lite” version is comprised of a two-person team, which can be all-male, all-female or co-ed. The race is the equivalent of one-third of the actual “Fusion” race which is comprised of a four-person team and takes place in July this year. In this way Fusion Lite provides adventure-race enthusiasts, the opportunity to gauge themselves for the bigger event later in the year.

This year, the UWI Endurance team sent up three teams to compete in the Fusion Lite race. Two all-female teams and an all-male team. The 13 km distance and the steep elevation of the “Camel’s Back” mountainous terrain, surrounding the Lopinot village, undoubtedly tested the endurance threshold of these athletic participants. With only two water stops along the way, each team had to depend on their camel packs for hydration and the support of their teammate for motivation. Nonetheless, the camaraderie among the teams, the picturesque views from the slopes of the northern range and the physical/mental challenge provided by the competition, made it worth the hours of training previously invested.

The Endurance team was quite content with the overall results; its all-male team placing 13th in a time of two hours and six minutes. Its second team finished fifth among the female teams, in a time of two hours and forty-seven minutes and the final team finished in three hours and twenty-seven minutes. The overall fastest and slowest times posted were one hour

Third Place Trophy from TTTF Duathlon. Photo by Ronald Vincent

and forty-one minutes, and five hours and fifty-seven minutes respectively.

This was just one in a series of events that the team will be taking part in this year. On April 2nd, other members of the team competed in the Caura Dash and on April 9th they took part in the TTTF Duathlon at the Queen’s Park Savannah, where one of it’s members placed third in the 30-39 age group. Other events on the agenda include the MASSY Rainbow Cup in June, Fusion Adventure Race in July and a series of 5k races in-between.

Keisha Manaure at the Caura Dash 2017 Photo by https://www.facebook.com/TTEVENTPHOTOS/

The UWI Endurance Team is a group of enthusiastic students, staff and alumni who have a passion for sport and adventure, and motivate each other to strive for excellence in both the sporting and academic arenas. Each member is driven to achieve his/her maximum potential as well as to help their fellow teammates achieve the same. Anyone who is interested in becoming part of this group can contact the team manager, Ronald Vincent, at 868-714-8110 or via the facebook group “UWI Endurance Team”.


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