Is Trinbago’s KFC really the best in the world?

KFC, just like Carnival, liming jus cuz is Friday, and challenging the 80 kph speed limit on the highway, is and forever will be ¬†embedded in Trinbagonian culture. The beloved Kentucky Fried Chicken has become so much a part of our everyday/weekly/monthly routines that the most profitable KFC outlet IN THE WORLD sits on Independence Square in Port-Of-Spain. Yes…the 24/7 one. It has also become commonplace within TnT to hear that “Trinidad have de bes KFC in de worl”. But, how true is this statement? What empirical evidence do we have to support such a statement? Having the most profitable outlet in the world, doesn’t necessarily mean that we are the best. Now, I’m not challenging this notion eh, cuz honestly, de damn ting GOOD! I’m just simply asking a question; a question that so vehemently compelled me to commit the ABOMINABLE act of … trying another land’s (Colombia’s) KFC.
This video sums up my thoughts.

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