G.A.T.E.  the saving grace of Tertiary Education in Trinidad and Tobago for the past decade or so.  Thanks to this opportunity, Trinbagonian students have been marching boldly through this GATE in search of a brighter futures, better jobs, free party entries and new love interests. However, on the other side of that gate we have also been met with…ummm….those who aren’t so thrilled because of their inability to benefit from the programme. These are the ones who will refuse to lend you (a trini student) a pen because “you have G.A.T.E.” and should therefore be able to afford a pen of your own. These are also the students think that you shouldn’t complain about ANYTHING in UWI (which is so hard to do) just because “you have G.A.T.E”. Because having G.A.T.E. automatically solves all our problems right? WRONG!
In case you forgot, UWI can be a HELL HOLE for EVERYONE (including Lecturers) and G.A.T.E. approved students have just as much right as you do to complain or be upset about an issue. Here’s a list of 8 inconveniences that, just like you, even G.A.T.E approved students have to deal with at U.W.I.

    1. Lecturers giving coursework exams THE WEEK BEFORE finals.
    2. Unreliable Shuttle Service (bess yuh walk, or take a taxi).
    3. Myelearning deciding to take a siesta on the night of your online exam or course work assignment submission.
    4. Law and Gov’t, Sci Med Tech and Caribbean Civ,
    5. Not being able to find a parking spot, and realising later you’ve been “clamped”
    6. 8 am classes
    7. Fellow Trini students taking G.A.T.E. for granted and making us look bad…..AND…..
    8. You constantly reminding us about how easy our lives are just because of G.A.T.E.

Contrary to what you think, your “but yall have G.A.T.E tho” argument is not a way of you trying to make us appreciate what we have. Trust me, we appreciate it. Half of us wouldn’t be UWI students/graduates today if it weren’t for G.A.T.E. Instead, your argument makes you come across as Salty or Bitter. So please. Stop saying it.
Thanks 🙂