Weird Borders: Why Countries Have Pieces Detached

Ever wondered why a part of Russia is detached from the rest?

There are a lot of weird borders in the world, and often the reason is that a country wanted access to the sea and fight like crazy to get it.

They ignore any reasonable boundary between countries in exchange for a bizarre panhandle, or sometimes even cutting off parts of other countries to create a strange border situation called enclaves, which is when a part of a country is only reachable by land through other countries.

This video goes over 3 bizarre border situations including why Russia has the Kaliningrad exclave, which is a result of a chain of events in world war 1 and world war 2 in which Germany had a strange border where East Prussia was an exclave cut off by the Danzig corridor, which actually led to world war 2.

There is also Angola’s exclave of Cabinda cut off by the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This weird border is a by product of the scramble for Africa.

Finally there is Croatia, which looks like it is taking all of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s coastline until you look closely and notice a strange border strip which gives Bosnia ad Herzegovina a 20 kilometer coastline and detaches a piece of Croatia. This weird border is a quirk of history, where the land in the Balkans changed hands multiple times.

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