Quench your thirst for Astronomy with these two short courses offered by Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology Dr. Shirin Haque.

Moonstruck: Everything you ever wanted to know about the moon

This mini-course runs over 3 weeks…on Saturdays 3-5 pm starting 3rd December. It’s going to look at all the aspects of the moon – from the folklore to the scientific aspects and address things like what is a supermoon, a blue moon, a blood moon as well as how to identify features on the moon and how best to observe the moon and photograph it. What is the moon illusion and how to combat it? Do we truly become lunatic around full moon? Is it advisable for pregnant women to walk during an eclipse? How much moon rock is there on Earth? Was the moon landing a hoax? What was the politics behind the landing on the moon? Can we see where the first men stepped on the moon? Are there cultures that built monuments to the moon? Why does the moon have a halo around it sometimes? Can one really see the man on the moon? And any question your curious mind has ever wondered….

From Stone Age to the Space Age: The story of the human race

This short course explores the unprecedented journey of humans, from the earliest records of their presence in Africa using stone tools to the discovery of fire and their journey out of Africa to eventually populate the whole earth. Armed with intellect and a powerful will to live, and with a hallmark for ingenuity – we humans have now ventured into space.

How did all of this happen? Discover the twists and turns in the history of Science and Technology that have carved our path to the present information age. What role did religion and politics play? Meet the men and women who changed the world by their power of thought and reasoning and forged the scientific revolution…against all odds – to allow us to boldly go where no human has gone before…

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