Hiking to Emerald Pool in Dominica

emerald pool and waterfall dominica

Unlike other islands of the Caribbean, Dominica does not have pristine white sand beaches to lure tourists to its shores.

The island has instead managed to successfully market itself as “The Nature Isle if the Caribbean”; a land of unspoiled natural beauty that seeks to attract eco-tourists and travellers searching for adventure and something that can’t be found in the typical Caribbean destination.

“The Nature Isle” has more than enough natural attractions to give any adventure seeker a fun-filled vacation; there are natural hot-water springs, sheltered coves for snorkelling, chances to see sea turtles and whales, and hiking trails.

Dominica is only truly discovered by hiking on the island, and the hiking trails take you everywhere; Into dense mountain rainforest. Through deep gorges. Across rushing streams and rivers and into natural hot water baths.

The holy grail of hiking in Dominica would be to conquer the scenic Waitukubuli Trail, a 115 mile long trail that spans the entire island and passes through sweltering tropical rainforest, elfin woodland, and abandoned estates.

Waitukubuli Hiking Trail

The Emerald Pool and Emerald Waterfall is accessible at Segment Five of the Waitukubuli Trail, but it’s also possible to make a short trek from the road to Castle Bruce to visit the scenic waterfall alone.

Emerald Pool is a cool, clear pool that’s one of the most popular spots in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.
It’s considered one of the top things to do when visiting Dominica.

A well-marked footpath slithers downhill through the Dominican rain-forest to a clear pool that reflects the green jungle canopy ; giving it the Emerald Pool name.

Hike to Emerald Pool Dominica

As you descend the stairs to the waterfall and plunge-pool, the steady gurgle of water slowly becomes the roar of a waterfall.

The path is remarkably well-developed with stairs and handrails in steep areas as well as clear directions at any points where it forks.

Trail to Emerald Pool

There’s a break in the vegetation where the waterfall is visible. There’s even a wooden bench so you could have a short rest while admiring Emerald Falls from the distance.

It takes just a few minutes to reach that bench, and then just a few more minutes to finally arrive at Emerald Pool.

Hiking to Emerald Pool in Dominica

The Emerald Waterfall is a single pillar of cool, cascading water that’s surrounded by mossy rock and hanging vines.

Emerald Pool is shallow and calm, ideal for a refreshing dip or for just wetting your feet while enjoying a cool beer.

A rock overhang on the far side of the pool creates a small cave that’s protected by a curtain of vine; Inside the cave is cool and quiet.

Emerald Pool Dominica

This hike is so short that it’s easy enough to make the trek there with a cooler full of Kubuli Beer. Many people do that, and spend the day relaxing in the cool water with friends.

Emerald Pool Dominica

Taking the long way back involves a bit more uphill climbing than the hike to get there and it involves using a trail that connects you to the Waitukubuli Trail.

While this journey back is a bit longer, it offers some scenic views of Dominica’s lush interior including Morne Laurent and the Atlantic Coast in the distance.

Emerald Pool

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