UWI Hindu Society: Tuesday Night Satsangh

A regular sight: three polo-clad individuals wheeling a heavy-laden red trolley across the quadrangle, through the undercroft and finally settling in Engineering Block 3 for Tuesday Night Satsangh.

Without fail, the hardworking members of the UWI Hindu Society execute their duties each and every Tuesday night to ensure that satsangh is a success. “Satsangh,” a Sanskrit word, refers to the coming together of a group to speak the truth as told in the Holy scriptures.  As a long-standing tradition, the members of the Society strive to transform Block 3 into a place of solace for anyone, regardless of religion or race, seeking refuge from the grind of daily UWI life.

Their members are a diverse and talented group of students and staff members of all religions, from faculties throughout the campus including Medsci.  Attendees experience songs and chants led by members of the Society, meditation, sacred offerings, an inspirational message delivered by one of their peers and of course, light refreshments at the conclusion of the night’s proceedings.

The Society warmly welcomes you to join with them in a relaxing and rejuvenating environment, this and every Tuesday night between the hours of 6:30 and 8 PM.


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