Viewing Kony 2012 critically

The founders of Invisible Children with the Sudan People’s Liberation Army


Since being posted on the 5th of March 2012, the film and campaign by Invisible Children “Kony 2012” has managed to garner support for their cause from all corners of the world. The campaign aims to raise awareness about Kony’s crimes and increase support for his arrest.

Joseph Kony is the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Movement, a Christian Militant group that has been accused of widespread human rights violations including torture, mutilation, sexual enslavement and using children in military combat.

Any attempt to accelerate the capture of this war criminal should be applauded, then why is it that several groups are voicing concerns about the practices and intentions of Invisible Children?

The organization spent over eight-million ($8,000,000) dollars last year; from this only 32% went toward direct services. Over five-million dollars were spent on staff salaries, filming expenses and travel. the person in the Kony 2012 film reportedly gets $90,000.00 u.s. a year in addition to money to cover travelling expenses and filming equipment.

Spending the majority of funds on film-making is not always necessarily a bad thing but apparently, United States-Foreign Affairs is of the opinion that Invisible Children manipulates their facts and exaggerates the current activities of the Lords Resistance Army in terms of abductions and murders of children.
Although Kony and the LFA are still at-large, recruitment of child soldiers has dropped dramatically in recent times.

The founders of Invisible Children with the Sudan People’s Liberation Army

Invisible Children funds several military groups, among them the Sudan People’s Liberation Army and the Ugandan Army.
The Ugandan army utilizes former child-soldiers who “know all of Mr. Kony’s tricks.”
There’s concern among critics of the use of vengeful former soldiers and an army currently involved in rape, illegal logging and illegal mining to fight against Kony’s militia of supposed children.

Joseph Kony is a bad person and awareness of his crimes is a good thing, but also be aware of how Invisible Children aims to deal with Kony.

Understand that by supporting this group you are also supporting the deaths of more child-soldiers, the destruction of the environment, prostitution rings and unaccountable charities.

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