The academic year 2011-2012 started with the traditional orientation week; much less commercialized this year, there weren’t that many freebies for returning students. The weeks theme of environmental awareness was barely evident, the theme itself was quite noble but the execution was poor. The student clubs fared better than in previous years due to the absence of alot of the corporate tents.

Hanging lanterns from orientation week remained up even as the semester came to a close

This semester had the usual assortment of concerts from Clubs and Halls including the the Milner Hall Concert and a concert from the UWI Hindu society.

The Engineering Student Society and the Faculty of Social Sciences threw some of the best faculty based events;The E.S.S. All-Fours tournament was extremely well organized.
Social Sciences week was also well put together.

E.S.S. all-fours tournament

The president of the Guild of Students started an initiative called Caribbean Reasonings one of the better few good Guild Initiatives.

The UWI Hindu Society was more active this year, and the Annual Divali Play attracted a bigger audience than previous years.
The Arts Appreciation Group also performed well- relaunching and throwing a concert on short notice.

Hindu Society Divali play

The Dominican Students Association and the St. Lucian Students Association were the first International Associations to be featured on We covered their series of daily events that made up Creole Week. For 2012 hopes to develop more relationships with other International Associations.

DOMSATT Executive members

In other news of site expansion, a new category called Beyond UWI was created to widen the scope of the website by publishing articles with wider appeal.
This section has managed to attract more writers to contribute to the site and impressive articles like

The University of Aeropostale


Incert Coin revamps local rock

A team from UWI beat competition from UTT and SBCS to secure victory in the Telios Code Jam

Code Jam winners

The Guild Green Giant initiative made an impact where Orientation week failed in terms of bringing tips on sustainable living directly to the student body.
The event struck a balance between entertaining and informative by also including a curry duck competition.

For the second semester of this academic year, the aim of remains on attempting to showcase the vibrancy of UWI life and acting as an online curator.
We still believe that our method is more deep penetrating, sustainable and environmentally friendly than other forms of publishing. During the last semester, several initiatives were put in place to benefit everyone involved with including the clubs that allow us to feature them, and the readers.

Thanks for the 26,000 views from September 5th 2011 to December 23rd 2011!
May 2012 be amazing!