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Incert Coin launched their musical and verbal assault on Woodford Café last Wednesday, serenaded by a mosh pit of aggression and proverbial liberty. It was calculated chaos as they returned from hiatus and exhumed their sounds of days olden. “Changes, Goodnight My Love, 13 and Downward Sliding” wreaked havoc to extinguish the decent effort put forth by 5 Miles to Midnight, and their special guest artistes, one of them being Machel Montano. Incert now heads to December 17 to open for Evanescence, and while noting the hubris and over-saturation of some ‘rock bands’ over the past few years, they ardently professed, “It’s a good time to be a rocker again!”

Their inherent knack for sounds akin to Korn, Deftones, Alice in Chains or whatever influence one can garner, will come abound again in 2012 with a new album. Lead singer, James Amow, dubbed, ‘It’s gonna be pretty heavy and darker…but that doesn’t mean it’s full of hate. We had these songs since our last album Futility, and after a scrapped project, STERM, our practice sessions ceased and we realized families and stuff took over. So in saying that, I guess we never really broke up but we just weren’t on the scene. But this year we realized that from these 60 new songs, we had material to condense and narrow down to 16 tracks to work on for next year! It’s for our fans – true, loyal, pure and hard!”

The opportunistic chance to open for Evanescence came and they grabbed it with inexplicable ease after resting in the interim. Dion Howe, guitarist, praised the cavalier movements of STAR 947 as they continue to bring international rock music to Trinidad, from Maroon 5 to now heavier a genre in Evanescence. He lamented that all Trinis got before were hip-hop and R&B but highlighted that STAR 947 takes the rock scene a step forward in the right direction. “They’re the only ones doing this and hats off to them because they see there is a potential market, untapped for the resource known as rock music. It’s visionary as no one else has the fortitude or gusto to do what they did,” he complimented.
The band confirmed sparse shows in promoting their album in 2012 while urging humility and unity for all bands comprising the local circuit currently. They also played down the ire drawn toward cover bands, as they see it as integral in bands’ development, but conferred that some bands lose their originality and objective audio-wise by trying to emulate some of their heroes. “We are here to support each other and not be pitted against each other in a profane manner, as some fans perceive a bit too passionately. We’re all in the same genre and should take the scene forward together, but humbly, as it is difficult for rock to thrive in Trinidad. Any smugness, arrogance or immaturity will be detrimental to the scene and lead to division. Original and cover bands need not hate on each other!” Amow exclaimed on the view that some fans see the rivalry in a baleful manner.

Howe also spoke of his times on tour abroad with Orange Sky and urged upcomers to realize that making it is not all that it is cracked up to be and that bands need to play because they love it and not for money or fame. He urged progression by avoiding dramatics and a clamped flair in sets that bands currently employ for a somewhat incandescent, yet obviously fabricated vibe. Amow earnestly shed light that stage fright still sets in for a lot of performers and that he humbly adopts a persona on-stage to overcome his fright but stamped that he forgoes said-persona after the set is over. On this duality, Howe also made mention of a personal backstage experience with Slipknot, where behind the scenes, they were nonchalant family men, but when taking their masks on-stage, it turned surreal and unbelievable with unbridled grit and fervour.
They recalled the gallivanting days with the cavalry such as Necropolis, Tripped and Falling, Alexes Machine, Transylvania Zoo, Bleed, Jointpop, HSV etc as the gents recounted that the Trini rock scene rises and falls over years, and this year seems to be a crest. “We all have to ride this wave,” Amow indicated as he dispelled that stigma many adopt of ‘rockstars’. “It’s essential that bands focus on their sound and their own music rather than muddled rivalries. Hone your sound and skill. Craft your music well before buying into the hype,” he implored.
Dec 11 sees ROCK SHOW FOR MOM 2 at Pabloz Pub, St. James, with a detour urged to take in acts such as Checklist, Upset the Order, Goodnight Parliament, Incert as well as a touted one-off appearance by Tripped and Falling…so it’s a tease of a rocky Christmas.

If the mosh pit at Woodford was any indication of Dec 17, Coin advised fans to act cautiously and not harm anyone due to the eclectic array of music-lovers on tap. They made it clear that such incidents should be defused early for the benefit of the show as it’s evident things will turn frantic and break off the hinges. This is something they don’t want harming the diverse atmosphere and hard work put forward by STAR 947. Come Dec 17, it won’t be Incert fans batting in their crease. While people would look upon this with some chagrin, someone poignantly exclaimed on the much-needed rehashing of the rock scene in TT, ‘It starts now. No better place, no better time, Incert Coin – Game over? No…it’s only just begun!”

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