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Celebrate Earth Hour 2012 at UWI


Share Earth hour is a global event targeted at fighting climate change through inspiration and education. Millions of people for the hour agree to take off the lights. The visual message is one that opens the mind to a life

DCIT Runtime 2012


Share The DCIT Runtime is a competition hosted by the University of the West Indies – Computing Society. Targeted toward Students in the field of Computer Science, Information Technology and Computer Engineering, the competition is designed to develop student’s problem

Red Bull Paper Wings Finals


Share The Red Bull paper Wings Finals landed in UWI on the 15th of March 2012. The competition gave all University students a chance to show off their paper-plane crafting and flying skills in the hope of making it to

Viewing Kony 2012 critically

The founders of Invisible Children with the Sudan People’s Liberation Army

Share Since being posted on the 5th of March 2012, the film and campaign by Invisible Children “Kony 2012″ has managed to garner support for their cause from all corners of the world. The campaign aims to raise awareness about

How to stay hydrated during Carnival


Share Most people, especially those that frequented the gym in preperation for carnival would know the importance of staying hydrated and it’s relevance to weight-loss, muscle-building and general good-health. Staying hydrated on a regular day is a relatively straightforward task

The Art Society of Mount Hope hosts inaugural Art Gala


Share The Art Society of Mount Hope was recently formed to highlight the artistic talents of Mount Hope students. The group aims to improve the appreciation for various art forms and provide entertainment within the Faculty. The group has so

David Rudder visits UWI next week Monday


Share This article was written by a contributing author who agreed to the code of conduct One cannot understand the Trinibagonian psyche without understanding Carnival. In the same way we cannot understand Carnival fully without understanding the Mas and

Why was Campus Carnival cancelled?


Share By now, most of UWI knows of the decision by the administration to have a moratorium on the “Campus Carnival Parade of Bands” hosted by the Guild of Students. Reaction among students range from dissapointment to relief but is

UWI reaches out for help


Share This article was written by a contributing author who agreed to the code of conduct Almost hanging off the edge of page thirteen, in one of the daily newspapers, was this article, ‘UWI wants to hear from you’.

Recap of the last semester

Share The academic year 2011-2012 started with the traditional orientation week; much less commercialized this year, there weren’t that many freebies for returning students. The weeks theme of environmental awareness was barely evident, the theme itself was quite noble but